Dartford retirees’ new fitness equipment helps them keep fit and active for 2020

Owners at Churchill Living’s Keyes Lodge development in Dartford have clubbed together to buy a range of brand new fitness equipment for the communal Wellbeing Suite, helping them all to stay healthy and active as we enter the New Year.

Lodge Manager Mark Hitchcock explains: “We have a communal bingo card fund here at Keyes Lodge, with 30 squares which all our Owners are welcome to purchase. Once the card is full a winner is drawn, they receive £10 winnings and £20 goes into a communal kitty, although most Owners put their winnings into the kitty too. They’ve previously used the money to purchase furniture and a shed for the communal garden, but most recently they decided to buy some gym equipment for the Lodge’s Wellbeing Suite, which everyone is welcome to use.”

Apartment Owner Lynn Turner is one of those to make good use of the new equipment. “I was talking in the Owners’ Lounge about looking to join a gym,” she explains. “But it costs so much money. One of the other Owners asked me what I normally use in the gym and I said that I only really use the treadmill. She got her iPad out and we looked at how much a treadmill is and decided to buy one for the Wellbeing Suite with the bingo card fund. Then after the treadmill we bought the bike and then the step because one of the Owners here needs to use the bike and the step for physiotherapy.”

Ken Lewis is another to benefit. “I had artery trouble and the exercise bike is here so I thought it would be a good idea to make use of it,” he says. “We’re really pleased with what we’ve bought, as gyms are so expensive around here. We’re all good neighbours and there’s a real sense of community here at the Lodge, so it’s great to have our own little gym. I’ve been in my new apartment for two years now and I don’t know anybody that regrets moving in.”

Lynn adds: “Ken and I are the ones who use the equipment the most regularly, Ken’s on the bike every day and I use the treadmill every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 45 minutes. Ken always walks back into the Owners’ Lounge and tells us where he’s cycled to today. He’s clocked up quite a few miles already!”

For further information on the apartments available at Keyes Lodge, visit the new Show Complex open daily 10am to 5pm, call 01322 771660 or visit www.churchillretirement.co.uk.